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Olivier Giroud, the renowned footballer who plays for Arsenal and the French national soccer team, has chosen to be the Ambassador for Monaco Collectif Humanitaire. He has met the children and their host families on several occasions as well as the hospital staff in order to give them all his support.


“By reaching out to the children under care, by meeting the doctors, host families and supporting organisations, I have come to appreciate all the good and dedication of this chain of solidarity.

Supporting Monaco Collectif Humanitaire means offering a chance of life to the most disadvantaged children of the world.

100% of all donations are used to provide care to the children so don’t hesitate, please join us!”

Olivier Giroud


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enfants opérés

100 %

des dons alloués en faveur des enfants

100 %

des médecins opèrent bénévolement

10 000 €

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