The logical follow-up to surgical treatment: ensure that these children receive food and educational assistance to support their development.

Since 2012, our representatives in the countries from where the children who are receiving surgery in Monaco originate, have been liaising with the families, and regularly informing us of any need for support. Thanks to them, we are regularly updated on our young protégés.

Sponsoring a child means providing support in the long term whenever his/her family circumstances so require: either “food” support or “schooling” support. Enabling a child not to go hungry and ensure he/she receives an education is an important undertaking which involves of course a long-term commitment.

That is why sponsorship is based on values of exchange, reciprocity and mutual enrichment. More than a written commitment, it is a moral commitment between the sponsors and the parents. While the sponsor commits to paying a modest sum, defined in advance, on a regular basis, the parents promise to use the allocated sums for a specific purpose (food or school).

Our approach tends towards group sponsorship, consequently the sponsor is not alone or isolated. They are part of a group of socially responsible sponsors who like them have decided to help and support a group of children. This ensures that support never stops due to a sponsor being unable to continue; the hope provided by a sponsor is never thwarted.

To date, 30 children are monitored by a group of 50 sponsors. Other children are waiting for educational and food support in Senegal and Burkina Faso.


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