First cardiac catheterisation laboratory in Mali: launch of construction

On Friday 7 April, Gilles Tonelli, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Dr Marie-Madeleine Togo, Malian Minister of Health and Public Hygiene, and Dr François Bourlon, Vice President of the Monegasque organisation SHARE,* laid the foundation stone for the cardiac catheterisation unit at the Mother and Child Hospital in Bamako, the first of its kind in Mali.

A project led by SHARE, the cardiac catheterisation unit will become operational in 2019 and will enable cardiovascular patients from Mali and the sub-region to receive treatment within the country itself instead of waiting for a medical evacuation overseas, as is currently the case.

During the ceremony, Gilles Tonelli emphasised that “the Prince’s Government, which manages the Monaco Humanitarian Collective programme, is involved in this ambitious project, a powerful tool for development in Mali that will mean the country no longer has to rely on foreign medical facilities.”

Since 2008, more than 50 children suffering from cardiac conditions which cannot be treated in Mali have received surgery in Monaco through the Monaco Humanitarian Collective.

Funded by SHARE, the Prince’s Government and AMADE Monaco, the construction and fitting out of this new building are being supervised by Monegasque firm ECO SYSTEM.

It should also be noted that training for the Malian medical staff is being provided by SHARE. The first cardiologist has recently completed a two-year training programme at the Monaco Cardiothoracic Centre and a second began training in November 2016.

To see the report produced by the Office of Radio and Television of Mali, see (at 22.28 min):

*SHARE: Sustain Health Development in Africa through Responsible Education


year established


children operated

100 %

donation allocated in favor of children

100 %

doctors operate voluntarily


families and hosting structures are volunteers

11 800 €

average cost of care for a children


hospital costs covered by health centers

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